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Hydroseeding Services Customized for You

Hydroseed is pretty basic – it’s a seed, fertilizer and soluble mulch mix that is sprayed out onto soil. With consistent watering and some follow-up fertilizer it will grow new grass quick and thick. What is different from one company to another is the level of service they provide.

New Hampshire Hydroseed brings over a decade of turf experience to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We welcome the opportunity to customize services according to the needs of our clients!


  • new lawn installations
  • lawn repair – thin lawns
  • customized seed blends for deep shade or full sun
  • no square foot minimum within our service radius


  • flexible scheduling
  • superior erosion control / slope stabilization
  • economical seed blends / deep green dye
  • post-construction follow-up
  • multiple site discounts


  • roadside soil stabilization
  • retention pond / culvert / spillway seeding
  • conservation seed blend / wildflower mix
  • athletic fields and parks – drought-resistant seed blends
  • dust control and remote watering services

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Keene to Portsmouth

Lakes Region to Northern Mass.

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