Hydroseeding Services Customized for You

Do you need a fast-growing lawn now?

Hydroseed provides the perfect growing environment for grass seed! At New Hampshire Hydroseed, we typically see germination within 7 to 10 days.

Our grass seed blends are specifically formulated for the New England climate, and we can customize the type of seed based on your needs.

Do you have a lot of shade? Heavy traffic areas? Full sun and minimal irrigation?

The right seed blends guarantee success!


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Got questions about hydroseed?

How long will it take for my grass to grow? Is hydroseed harmful to pets? We get asked all kinds of questions.

Find out the answer to these and other questions here.

Are you a contractor?

We offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling on all our subcontract hydroseed services.

Give us a call to find out what we can do for you!

Why people choose us

Excellent service! If you are looking to save some money and have a beautiful lawn quickly, NH Hydroseed is the way to go. I had both my front and back yard sprayed and it is amazing how thick and green my lawn is now. I would highly recommend getting your lawn sprayed in by NH Hydroseed. I am one happy customer for sure!

James N.
Derry, NH

As an excavation contractor, it is necessary to have my jobs hydroseeded during different phases of our projects to prevent erosion and to get those different phases signed off by the General Contractor. I use NH Hydroseed for all of my hydroseeding needs as they are affordable, timely, and professional.

Donald B.
Boyer Excavation LLC

I recently had a new home built and the builder put sub-par soil down and did a poor job seeding. I called NH hydroseed and they promptly came and gave us a competitive estimate to fix it. Within a few weeks, our lawn popped up quickly and is very thick and dark green after a few fertilizer applications. I would highly recommend NH Hydroseed!

Mary G.
Auburn, NH

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